"I am running to maintain this important stewardship of the people’s money with integrity, efficiency and accountability." - Dan Johnston

About Dan

I have eight children with my wife Wendi. We run a small family farm near Fort Ransom and I currently work for a local construction company. Living in North Dakota has afforded us incredible benefits from the personal values, work ethic, and sense of community that is unique to our state. We are grateful for the opportunities to work hard and enjoy the fruits of our labor, as well as help to afford the same opportunities for others.

I am a retired disabled veteran, having served in the active US Army & Army Reserves for 12 years. The same oath I swore in the military, I have kept throughout all of my public service. I hold a bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with cognates in Accounting and Religion. I went on to earn a Master’s in Public Policy & Public Administration.

In 2016, I was elected to serve the people of District 24 in the ND State House. As a legislator, I have successfully sponsored numerous pieces of legislation that benefit the people of North Dakota. My philosophy — the government that operates within constitutional parameters is by design the government that governs least, and so affords its citizens the most opportunity for economic and social happiness.  

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Why I am Running

The office of the ND State Treasurer is the keeper of the state checkbook. It provides the checks & balances of state government. I am running to maintain this important stewardship of the people’s money with integrity, efficiency and accountability. The state of North Dakota has tens of billions of dollars in various funds in its coffers. It has never been more important to make certain our fiscal house remains in order and that the people of North Dakota continue to benefit from an independent State Treasurer’s office.

Functionality - The Treasurer’s office has five primary functions: cash management, accounting, investments, revenue collection, and revenue distribution. Competency and forward-thinking minds are needed to keep these functions running optimally. I will explore and develop new ways of enhancing the efficiency of these operations and by embracing new technology.

Transparency and Accountability of State Funds - I want to be clear about this, funds accounted by the Treasurer do not belong to “the state” - they belong to the people of North Dakota. “It's your money!". I will make sure we continue to maintain the critical public trust that is necessary to keep our government operating properly.


Boards & Commissions - The Treasurer serves on six state boards with various constitutional and statutory responsibilities. I will work to ensure these entities are meeting their purpose, as well as improved public communications and website upgrades. Below is the list of boards the Treasurer serves on:


  • Board of University and School Lands - Constitutional

  • Teachers Fund for Retirement (TFFR) - Statutory

  • State Investment Board (SIB) - Statutory

  • State Board of Tax Equalization - Statutory

  • State Historical Board - Statutory 

  • State Canvassing Board - Statutory


Education & Outreach - As Treasurer, I will push a more robust effort to actively educate and partner with legislators, officials, employees of local political subdivisions, employees of state agencies and, most importantly, the general public. Many North Dakotans are unaware of the inner workings of state finance, and we need to arm them with the knowledge necessary to hold their representatives accountable to a fiscally-responsible policy agenda.


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